Priority: Safety & Wellness

  • Objective 1:
    Increase wrap around supports for staff, and enhance existing services for students.   

    Key Targets:

    • Wellness services and professional development opportunities for staff will increase from 12 staff wellness offerings in 20-21 to 20
    • Expansion of URMC services will continue (addition of a fourth clinic at elementary level; expanded consultant services K-12)
    • Evaluate quality of mental health services and supports K-12, utilizing The School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System (SHAPE)

    Objective 2:
    Establish continuous learning and growth opportunities for all stakeholders.

    Key Targets:

    • Superintendent conference days (2x this year) to be provided to all non-certified employees (trauma-informed mini-PDs; Active threat; TCIS; RP(focused on conflict/harm).
    • Four professional learning  sessions for all youth assistants will occur throughout the year.
    • Continue to offer a series of four equity and inclusion professional learning opportunities for employees, students and community members.

    Objective 3:
    Create a school culture where stakeholders are welcome, belong and embrace a  joyful environment  and learning spaces to encourage positive behaviors.   

    Key Targets:

    • Percentage of Hispanic students feelings of connection and belonging will increase by 5 - 10% K-12.
    • Feelings of connectedness will increase among all stakeholder groups, reflecting a welcoming and affirming environment, as measured by a 5% reduction in chronic absenteeism.
    • Complete 60% of the facilities safety recommendations as identified through the district audit.