Special Education

  • Welcome to the Office of Special Education!

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    The Office of Special Education is responsible for the development, coordination and supervision of programming for students requiring special education services. Rush-Henrietta offers a variety of services and programs to meet the individual needs of all students. We are committed to providing a full continuum of services that support the unique needs of each student.

    All children with special needs in Rush-Henrietta will have access to the general education curriculum to the fullest extent possible in an inclusive environment. The district provides a range of programs and services within the school district to meet the needs of students requiring specialized instruction. The first consideration is educating our students in the general education setting within their home school. The district also offers special education programming within the district to meet the unique needs of students who require specialized programs as outlined in the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

    CSE meetings are held via teleconferencing and/or in the school buildings for students who attend in-district programs. This includes full CSE and sub-CSE meetings for initial reviews, annual reviews, reevaluation meetings and requested reviews.

    Mission Statement

    The Rush-Henrietta Special Education Department supports the district’s mission to “prepare every student for responsible citizenship, life-long learning, and college or career success.” Students who qualify for an Individualized Education Program (IEP) require additional supports in order to have equal access to the curriculum and learning environment. Our special education staff and related service providers support students requiring special education services to achieve mastery of the New York State Learning Standards, and to graduate on a timely basis with the knowledge and skills required to live independent and productive lives. To this end, we have dedicated ourselves to providing high-quality instruction and resources, along with a full continuum of special education services.

    The office is staffed with the following professionals:

    Rosalie Sullivan, Director of Special Education 
    585-359-7933 rosullivan@rhnet.org

    Michelle Webb, Secretary
    585-359-7931 or mwebb@rhnet.org

    David Patt, Coordinator of Special Education (Grades 7-12)
    585-359-7932 or dpatt@rhnet.org

    Karen Dickson, Secretary
    585-359-7924 or kdickson@rhnet.org

    Jamie Naple, Coordinator of Special Education (Grades 4-6, Out of District)
    585-359-7908 or jnaple@rhnet.org

    Sara Turpyn, Secretary
    585-359-7926 or sturpyn@rhnet.org
    Jennifer Cardinale, Coordinator of Special Education (CPSE/Grades K-3)
    585-359-7925 or jcardinale@rhnet.org

    Deborah Wood, CPSE Secretary
    585-359-7920 or dwood@rhnet.org

    Janey Harper, Data Analyst/STAC
    585-359-7928, mharper@rhnet.org

    Donna Dehmler, Data Analyst/Medicaid
    585-359-7921 or ddehmler@rhnet.org

    Charlene Lochner, Behavior Specialist
    585-359-7922 or clochner@rhnet.org

    Lindsay Titus, Behavior Specialist
    585-359-7929 or ltitus@rhnet.org  

    Christopher Kneller, Behavior Specialist
    585-359-7934 or ckneller@rhnet.org  

    Kathy Gagne, District School Psychologist
    585-359-7931 or kgagne@rhnet.org  


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