English as a New Language (ENL)

  • The ENL program is overseen by Nerlande Anselme, Assistant Superintendent of Student & Family Services. She provides support to teachers in developing and implementing educational programs for English language learners (ELL). This support includes:

    • Compliance with state and federal laws, regulations, policies, and funding
    • Oversight of instruction and assessment practices that support academic achievement for ELL
    • NYSESLAT testing
    • ELL community reach-out and parent education
    Rush-Henrietta has more than 330 students identified as English Language Learners. These students are from more than 30 countries and speak at least 50 different languages.

    Staff can find the Rush-Henrietta ENL website in the Student Services section under the staff intranet.

    For more information, please contact Jamie Scripps, teacher on special assignment, at 359-5049 or jscripps@rhnet.org.

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