Day 5: Equity & Intersectionality

  • Let’s get past that title - we know, it’s a mouthful - and talk in simple terms about what the concept of equity and intersectionality means. 

    The idea of intersectionality has been around for more than three decades. The main idea behind it is that class, gender, race, and other characteristics intersect with one another. In short, the concept asks people to consider that people are multifaceted and recognize that their past experience and daily lives are based on more than we can see at a quick glance.

    Sometimes those additional characteristics - or a combination of characteristics - can make a person more likely to experience discrimination. For example, many women have experienced sexism at some point in their lives. However, a lesbian is likely to experience an increased  degree of societal pushback. Now, think about how that situation is heightened for a lesbian who also is a minority.

    It’s all about respect and recognizing the unique situations we all face every day. Let’s do our best to keep in mind that each individual is unique, and that some people are experiencing everyday life with more challenges - some evident and others unseen - than others.

    Did You Know?

    R-H library media specialists are conducting an ongoing diversity audit for each school’s library collection.

    Resources for Learning

    Option 1: Watch Intersectionality and Health Explained (3:35)

    Option 2: Watch The Labels We Carry (2:30)

    Option 3: Read Understanding Intersectionality is Critical to Advancing Educational Equity for All

    Consider These Ways to Reflect, Grow, and Take Action

    Questions to Consider for Self-Reflection:

    • Intersectionality refers to the concept that each of us has multiple identities that intersect to make us unique. What are some of the factors that make up who you are? 
    • How much does intersectionality have an impact on your life?
    • How do you see intersectionality impacting your students, friends, or colleagues?

    Ways to Get Involved:

    • Discuss intersectionality with a family member or friend and how this has impacted that individual’s personal or professional life.
    • Ask others how you can be a voice and an advocate for those who experience challenges related to intersectionality.


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