• Welcome to Student and Family Services! The Department of Student and Family Services is overseen by Nerlande Anselme, Assistant Superintendent of Student and Family Services. She can be reached at 359-5018 or nanselme@rhnet.org. Ms. Anselme has programmatic and administrative responsibility for the following departments, which are listed here with pertinent contact information:

    Student & Family Services
    Norreen Pelusio, Secretary (359-7953, npelusio@rhnet.org)
    District Registrar
    Maureen Sinsebox, District Registrar (359-7957, msinsebox@rhnet.org)
    • School Registration
    • Home/Hospital Tutoring Services
    Wellness/Mental Health
    Diane Wynne, Director of Wellness and Equity (359-5086, dwynne@rhnet.org)
    • Counseling/Social Work
    • Social-Emotional Learning
    • Trauma, Illness, Grief (TIG) Team
    • Restorative Practices
    School Safety
    Michael Paladino, District Safety Coordinator (359-7813, mpaladino@rhnet.org)
    • District Safety Team
    • Emergency Response Team
    • District Safety Plans
    • Residency Investigations
    • District Safety Tip Hotline
    School Health Services
    Jill Bernhardt, District Nurse Practitioner (359-5028, jbernhardt@rhnet.org)
    Alternative Education Program
    Michael Sweeney, Adminstrator (359-5528, msweeney@rhnet.org)
    • Alternative High School
    • Home Instruction
    • Academic Support Center
    Adult Literacy
    Kimberly Klubek, Coordinator (359-7914, kklubek@rhnet.org)
    Continuing Ed/Driver's Ed/Aquatics
    Bonnie Coddington, Coordinator (359-7805, bcoddington@rhnet.org)
    Cub Care Zone
    Pearl Tokar, Coordinator (359-7912, ptokar@rhnet.org)