Deciding When to Close School

  • The Rush-Henrietta Central School District uses strict criteria when deciding whether to close school for the day, cancel afternoon and evening activities, or dismiss students earlier than normal. The superintendent of schools ultimately is responsible for all such decisions. Remember, even if school is not closed, it is a parent's right to keep their child home if they believe it is not safe for the student to travel to and from school. Simply call the school's attendance line to inform us of your decision and the district will regard this action as a legal absence.

    Closing School for the Entire Day
    If it appears that students can not be transported safely to school in the morning or home at the end of the school day, Rush-Henrietta schools will not open. If either possibility is a concern, the director of transportation must notify the superintendent by 5:30 a.m. to close all schools.
    Afterschool and Evening Activities
    If students can not be transported to and from afternoon and/or evening activities safely, they will be canceled. The director of transportation, a school principal, or the director of athletics must notify the superintendent of their weather-related concerns by 1 p.m. to cancel afterschool activities and by 4:30 p.m. to cancel evening activities. 
    Early Dismissal During Inclement Weather
    The district's philosophy is to avoid early dismissal. We do not want parents rushing home, often on less-than-ideal roadways, or children being let off the bus at houses where an adult is not home. We believe keeping children at school is the best way to keep them safe when bad weather occurs during the school day.
    Ways to Stay Informed 
    If school is being closed in the morning, families will receive an automated phone call from the superintendent of schools informing them of the decision. If afternoon and/or evening activities are canceled, this information will be made available on the district website at and shared with the local radio and TV stations.

    Wind Chills and Cold Temperatures

    Severe climate conditions where temperatures and wind chill dip into certain extreme ranges can cause concerns for the safety of children. The National Weather Service will begin to issue media advisories when wind chills of -15 degrees are predicted and warnings when wind chills of -25 degrees are predicted. No one should be outside with unprotected skin with wind-chill factors in the range of -40 degrees. When wind chills of -25 degrees are predicted, the district may be placed on a cold weather alert. When persistent wind chills are -25 degrees or below, Monroe County school superintendents will usually close schools. When wind chill factors are between -15 degrees and -25 degrees, the decision to close school will be based on local conditions.