Day 10: Wrap-up & Opportunities Ahead

  • Thank you for joining us on the 10-Day R-H Equity Journey! We hope the information and resources we presented have led you to consider what the terms “equity” and “inclusion” mean, and how you might be able to help us achieve our goal of achieving them.

    As part of the Rush-Henrietta community - and, indeed, the world community - having greater empathy and compassion for others is a worthwhile goal. Coming from a place of understanding leads to greater connection and greater outcomes.

    Perhaps you know someone who did not participate in this journey. Please feel free to share it - or any particular aspect we have presented - with them. Our goal will be more easily accomplished if more people understand the path we are on and where we want to go.

    As the poet laureate, Amanda Gorman, said in her inaugural poem, “For there is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

    Thank you for your interest and commitment to this important work!

    Did You Know?

    The Rush-Henrietta Central School District celebrates its 75th anniversary next school year. In 1946, when the district was formed, there were more students from Rush than Henrietta! Our district demographics have continued to change over time, but our commitment to all students has not. Thank you for joining us on this important journey.

    Resources for Learning

    Option 1: Watch Under the Surface (3:55)

    Option 2: Watch Culturally Responsive Teaching (4:11)

    Option 3: Read and become familiar with the New York State Education Department Culturally Responsive-Sustaining (CR-S) Education Framework

    Consider these ways to reflect, grow, and take action:

    Considerations for Self-Reflection: 

    • Identify ways that you will get to know others more and discover “what’s under the surface” to build connection and common ground. 
    • Read Amanda Gorman’s poem, “The Hill We Climb,” and share it with others. Reflect on what it means to “be the light.”
    • Review the How You See Me series of videos and consider the perspectives shared by the participants.

    Office of Professional Learning Google Site Offering: 

    Additional ResourcesThe Person You Mean to Be

    "The Person You Mean to Be," by Dolly Chugh

    In this inspiring book, Social Psychologist Dolly Chugh takes a science-based approach to confronting injustice on any level. She offers practical methods people who wish to make a positive change may follow to confront difficult issues.


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