A Different Time: When Rush Had More Kids Than Henrietta

  • When the Rush-Henrietta Central School District was founded in 1946, Rush and Henrietta were rural, farming communities. In both locales, the population was sparse and the farmland was plentiful. Students who attended school in the early days, even those with hour-long bus rides, remember watching out the window to occupy their time and seeing few businesses or homes. There were a lot of cows, they recall.

    Based on the way these two towns have developed so differently during the past 75 years, it often comes as a surprise to many when they learn that Rush had more students living there in the 1940s than did Henrietta. Dorothy Porreca was a member of the Class of 1948, which was Rush-Henrietta’s first graduating class. Dorothy lived on Maple Street, which now is known as Bailey Road. She graciously met with district representatives this past summer to discuss the district’s early days. She said there were more students from Rush than Henrietta when she attended Henrietta High School, once known as the Monroe Academy.

    A quick review of today’s student population paints a completely different picture, of course. As Henrietta developed - building a significant business base and adding countless subdivisions - it understandably attracted more children. Rush, on the other hand, has maintained much of its original, rural character throughout the years. Our district is proud to represent both of these wonderful communities!

    When looking at the student population trends today, it is interesting - but perhaps not surprising - to see 4,755 students live between Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road and Rush-Henrietta Town Line Road. That’s about 88 percent of our total enrollment!

    Today, our district has 255 students living north of Brighton-Henrietta Town Line Road, and 239 living south of Rush-Henrietta Town Line Road. As you can see, there has been a dramatic shift in where people live when compared to the earliest days of the district. No matter where our students live, however, our district is prepared to serve them to best meet their needs.

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