• April 2, 2019

    Districts Statewide Encounter Technical Issues With Computer-Based Testing

    You may have read or seen media reports regarding technical issues at the state level that affected students taking the computer-based English Language Arts test today.

    These technical issues affected many school districts, including Rush-Henrietta, throughout the state. Due to our diligence in preparing for the unexpected, as well as the specific timing of test administration, Rush-Henrietta students in third grade were able to finish and submit their tests. Because the technical issues were identified in a timely fashion, students in grades 4 and 5 did not take the test today.

    Here is how that unfolded: This morning, our third graders took the state ELA test online. Everything went well until it was time to submit tests electronically. The state system would not accept submissions. Thanks to the in-depth training we provided, staff members knew what to do. Students saved their test on their Chromebook and then all Chromebooks were collected immediately and stored in a secure location. When the system was working again, third-grade students were able to submit their tests this afternoon.

    “We are confident that the integrity of the testing environment stayed intact for third graders,” says Dina Wilson, Rush-Henrietta’s assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “For months, we have worked with our staff to help ensure that they knew precisely what to do in the event the state’s system encountered difficulties.”

    Later in the morning, when Rush-Henrietta students in grades 4 and 5 were preparing to take their ELA tests, district officials already had determined there was a problem with the state’s system. In response, the district immediately postponed testing for these students.

    “Fortunately, we have worked with our students to make sure they understand that technology doesn’t always work the way we expect,” Wilson says. “We have taught them to be patient and not to panic in those unexpected situations. Everyone in our district handled this beautifully.”

    Rush-Henrietta’s ELA Computer-Based Testing Revised Schedule

    Due to technical issues encountered today with the New York State Education Department’s Computer-Based Testing System, Rush-Henrietta is going to suspend state ELA testing on Wednesday, April 3. In order to allow the state time to resolve technical issues and provide assurances that our students’ tests will not be compromised, Rush-Henrietta will resume computer-based testing as follows:

    Thursday, April 4:
    Grade 3: Session 2
    Grade 6, 7, 8: Session 1 (as originally planned)

    Friday, April 5:
    Grade 6, 7, 8: Session 2 (as originally planned)

    Tuesday, April 9:
    Grade 4, 5: Session 1

    Wednesday, April 10:
    Grade 4, 5: Session 2