Office of Instruction

  • Welcome to The Office of Instruction

    Our Vision

    The key points of our District vision are to provide safe and caring learning environments, to keep an unwavering focus on student learning, to work together in a culture of collaboration, and to commit ourselves to continuous improvement. You can read the entire Mission/Vision statement by clicking here.

    To accomplish our mission and bring our vision to reality we need to:

    • Be able to easily articulate what is being taught in our classrooms.
    • Show our students that what is being taught is relevant for today and tomorrow.
    • Demonstrate to our students and their families how much we believe in their abilities to reach higher levels of academic achievement.
    • Research and model best practices, current strategies, and pedagogy.
    • Provide our staff with opportunities for professional development and growth.

    Educating our children is a shared responsibility. As we embark upon this mission together, we will need the continued support of our school community. We are excited about the future of Rush-Henrietta schools and encourage you to be involved in as many ways as possible. You can find a wealth of opportunities by reading school newsletters, district correspondence, and by being a frequent visitor to our district Web pages.

    Together we will ensure that every student in our district grows to be a responsible, productive, life-long learner in our global community.

    Please contact the Office of Instruction at 359-5015 for more information or details regarding the Rush-Henrietta Instructional Program.

    Guides to Student Learning
    Informational guides about grade-level curriculum developed by Rush-Henrietta.