About Counseling Services

  • School counselors in Rush-Henrietta recognize that every student in our community is important. We use a holistic developmental framework to support students as they grow in their development of effective decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and responsible citizenship. School counselors facilitate lessons that focus on the value of lifelong learning and college and career success. Our Rush-Henrietta school counseling department is comprised of 15 school counselors who work with students in grades 4-12.

    School counselors address the American School Counseling Association Mindsets & Behaviors including:

    • Self-Management Skills
    • Social Skills
    • Learning Strategies
    • Mindsets (summarized below)
      • Healthy balance of mental, social-emotional, and physical well-being
      • Self-confidence
      • Sense of belonging in the school community
      • Understanding the relationship between being a life-long learner and career success
      • Using personal abilities to the fullest potential
      • Positive attitude toward work and learning