R-H’s History of Putting Safety First

  • In September 1996, the Democrat & Chronicle highlighted a new safety trailer purchased by the Henrietta Fire District to help teach young Rush-Henrietta students fire safety. The trailer would allow firefighters to provide safe, real-life fire scenarios when working with R-H students. It even included theatrical “smoke” to help them visualize what it would be like if a real fire were to happen in their homes.

    This new method of teaching fire safety is just one example of a long history of partnering with the Henrietta and Rush fire districts, along with other first response agencies, for the benefit of our students and staff. From working directly with students to collaborating with district officials, Rush-Henrietta’s partnership with local public safety agencies has kept safety and well-being a top priority in Rush-Henrietta.

    After Columbine brought challenges to school safety to the forefront, Rush-Henrietta began to work more closely with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. This essential relationship has grown throughout the years, and now includes training for staff in the event of a shooter or other threat. Rush-Henrietta is one of only a handful of public and private schools in Monroe County offering this training to employees. In addition, the district works with local law enforcement to familiarize them with our buildings, and solicits feedback on our established safety measures.

    Every Rush-Henrietta school holds drills to practice evacuation, lockout, lockdown, and medical emergency/hold-in-place procedures, and evacuation drills are held on school buses to prepare students and staff to act in the event of an emergency. Although these drills are required by New York State Education law, the district has performed them for years, surpassing the state’s minimum requirements.
    At the end of each school year, members of the MCSO, CHS Ambulance, and Henrietta Fire District work with the Senior High School to present a mock DWI crash. The event is presented to the senior class as a very real reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving, and is timed right before end-of-year events such as the Senior Ball and graduation.

    Local first responders also participate in our District Safety Committee to share information and stay informed regarding safety-related concerns in the district. Their participation also helps ensure our policies and procedures are aligned with best practices.
    The Henrietta Fire District still works with our elementary schools on fire safety and awareness, including bringing the safety trailer to our K-3 schools for students to practice home evacuation. For many students, this visit is a memorable experience with lessons that last a lifetime.

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