First Meeting of the New Board of Education

  • The inaugural meeting of the Rush-Henrietta Board of Education was held on December 11, 1946. Topics included choosing board leadership, selecting a clerk and treasurer, allowing individual schoolhouses to pursue a potential sale, and paying expenses associated with creating the district.

    The meeting minutes are as follows, with no edits made to grammar or content. 

    The Board of Education of the Rush-Henrietta Central School No. 1. of the Towns of Rush, Henrietta, Pittsford, and Brighton County of Monroe State of New York, met in a special called session at the Henrietta High School on Wednesday, December 11, 1946. 

    The meeting was called to order by District Superintendent Lester B. Foreman at 8:15 P.M. All members of the Board of Education were present, namely; Mr. Charles Roth, Mr. Raymond Bock, Mr. Jasper Howlett, Mr. Eldred Koehler, and Mr. William Gillette. District Superintendents, W.W. Rayfield and Lester B. Foreman, and Principals John W. Parker and George C. Yackel, were also present.

    Mr. Lester B. Foreman called for nominations for a President of the Board of Education of the Rush-Henrietta Central School District. Mr. Eldred Koehler and Mr. William Gillette were both nominated. Motion made by Mr. Raymond Bock and seconded by Mr. Jasper Howlett to close the nominations. The motion was carried. Mr. Roth, as teller counted the votes. Four votes were cast for Mr. Gillette and one vote for Mr. Koehler. Mr. Gillette was declared elected as President of the Board of Education.

    Mr. Gillette asked for nominations for a vice-president. Mr. Koehle was nominated and unanimously elected. 

    The election of a Clerk of the District was then discussed. It was decided to elect a temporary clerk to serve until July 1, 1947. Mr. Roth nominated Mr. George Yackel and he was unanimously elected to the office. 

    A motion was made by Mr. Roth to nominate Mr. Fred Boe for the position of Treasurer of the District for a period of one year after July 1, 1947. Seconded and carried. Mr Boe was unanimously elected.  

    A resolution was made by Mr. Roth that Rush District Schools No. 2, No. 4, and No. 9, and Henrietta District Schools No. 1, No. 6, No. 7, and No. 10, will be released for disposal in case the individual districts themselves desire to dispose of the buildings by sale. The motion was seconded by Mr. Howlett and passed unanimously.  

    Mr. Foreman said that he and Mr. Rayfield were sending out the bills (rated as to district valuation) to the voting districts on the organization costs of the Central School District. The total bill for all printing, advertising, etc., came to $115.35. 

    The next meeting night was decided upon. January 15, 1947, was decided upon and the meeting place to be the West Henrietta School with adjournment to the Henrietta High School. It was decided to invite Mrs. Fyle, the Principal of the West Henrietta School to the meeting there. 

    A motion was made and seconded that the meeting be adjourned. It was voted unanimously. 


    William Gillette, President
    George Yackel, Clerk  

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