R-H 10-Day Equity Journey

  • We have received fantastic feedback from throughout New York state regarding our Equity Journey. If you are interested in creating a similar experience for your district, or would like to discuss the resources we have provided, please contact the office of community relations at tanderson@rhnet.org or hcampo@rhnet.org.


    The Rush-Henrietta Central School District is a reflection of our changing world. Our community consists of people from all corners of the globe, representing an array ofR-H Equity Journey cultures, backgrounds,  and beliefs. Our community’s rich diversity is second-nature to many of us, and is a part of our collective daily experience as Rush-Henrietta residents. Despite our successes, there is work to be done to help ensure that our community is equitable and inclusive for all. 

    Many members of our school community participated in the United Way’s 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge this past fall and found it to be a valuable experience. Rush-Henrietta is taking action by providing its own customized opportunity to engage in this type of work. It’s called the 10-Day Equity Journey. This experience is designed to share information and foster a respectful discussion about equity and inclusion.

    Each weekday between February 1-12, participants will receive an email. Included will be a brief introduction of the day’s topic, choices of relevant readings and/or videos, potential action steps, “Did you know…” tidbits, and suggested resources to help you further learn, reflect, and grow. Some of the resources will be geared more to parents and students; other resources are better suited for employees. Employees will automatically receive these emails. Parents/guardians and students in grades 10-12 are invited to participate, as well. 

    Participants may wish to encounter the experience individually, with their child, with a colleague, or as part of a grade-level team or professional learning community. The choice is yours!  

    During the next 10 days, we will address the following topics together:

    You may not agree with everything you see or read during this journey, and that is OK. People have unique perspectives and life experiences, and that is important for us to recognize. All we ask is that you don't become distracted by that with which you disagree. There is so much here that can help bring us together in a meaningful way. Please stay focused on the broader message we are sharing. 

    Welcome to the R-H Equity Journey!


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