District APPR Information

  • The Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) process requires all teachers and principals to be evaluated annually on multiple measures of effective performance, including observations/visitations and student assessments.

    Parents and legal guardians may request information on the most recent APPR composite rating for the current teacher(s) and principal of the school their child attends. Requests must be made by downloading and completing the form found at the link below.

    If such information is requested, the district will share an oral explanation of the composite APPR rating, as well as an opportunity to understand such scores in the context of teacher/principal evaluation and student/school performance. Any teacher or principal whose information is requested will be notified of the request.

    As required by the APPR law and Rush-Henrietta’s rigorous system for employee evaluation, all evaluators are trained in the use of the Framework for Teaching instrument, commonly known as the Danielson Rubric. Evaluators undergo a rigorous, nationally accredited 20-hour online training program with the Danielson framework. Additionally, all administrators engage in ongoing leadership development activities on evidence-based observation, classroom walk-throughs, and how to provide feedback for the improvement of teaching and learning. Teachers are also involved in collegial conversation with peers, coaches and evaluators to promote their continuous professional growth.

    The District’s APPR Plan, negotiated and updated periodically with the Rush-Henrietta Employees’ Association and the Administrators’ Association of Rush-Henrietta, has been approved by the State Education Department. The current version, updated in 2020-21, is accessible by visiting the State Education Department website - click here.

    Inquiries about the APPR Plan, the performance of R-H teachers and administrators, and other information about the evaluation system, may be directed to Dr. Casey van Harssel, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and School Accountability, at (585) 359-5044.

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