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  • The Rush-Henrietta Alumni Center was created to help facilitate communication between all Rush-Henrietta graduates, no matter which high school you attended. By using the links listed to the left, you can search for classmates, add yourself to the online database, post reunion information, and view upcoming reunions. In addition, you can view Rush-Henrietta Distinguished Alumni by clicking the appropriate link on the left-hand side of this page. For many years, the Distinguished Alumni Awards were sponsored by the Rush-Henrietta Education Foundation. Trustees established the recognition program in 2000, and have honored numerous notable alumni.

    RHAC Meeting

    Rush-Henrietta memorabilia from the 1940s and 1950s was on display.

    The Rush-Henrietta Alumni Council (RHAC) was established in 2006 to strengthen ties between the district and its graduates. RHAC, which was led for 15 years by the late Joe Bellanca '65, strives to reconnect graduates through communication and events. Officers, class contacts, and distinguished alumni of the Rush-Henrietta Alumni Council gathered at Rochester Institute of Technology on February 1, 2008, to celebrate the organization's accomplishments and share future goals. 




    Terry Matthews-DeSant '55, the late Bob Thompson '58, and Joe Bellanca '65, share memories.




    Terry Matthews-DeSant '55 and the late Bob Thompson '58 reminisce.








    Gary Junge '66 (center) talks to Jack Gaffney '51 and
    the late Joe Bellanca '65.




    Mary Ann Hinz '66 helped organize the alumni event.




    The late Joe Bellanca '65, president of RHAC, addresses attendees.




    Connie Bellanca, retired teacher, with Martha Mack '80, Jack Gaffney '51, and Laura Sadowski '77.








    Rush-Henrietta memorabilia, donated by Dorothy Porreca '48, was displayed







    This 1965 class ring clearly shows the Rush-Henrietta crest.



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    Yearbooks Sought: The Rush-Henrietta Alumni Council is seeking donations of yearbooks so it can have a complete collection. To learn more, click here.