• Proposed Meal Charge Procedure for Rush-Henrietta

    When the student goes to the register and has a low balance on their account:

    • Elementary schools-The cashier will give the child a low balance note to take home to their parents.
    • Secondary schools- The cashier will inform the student that their balance is getting low.

    The criteria on the low balance are $5.00 for full pay and $1.00 for reduced pay left on the student’s account after they have gone through the line that day.

    If a student did not have enough money in his/her account for the day, let the child have a regular breakfast and/or lunch. A student is allowed to charge the available reimbursable meal at both breakfast and lunch.

    After all the children have gone through the lunch line and our registers have been closed, the cafeteria manager will generate a charge list report. Those students highlighted are students that have charged 3 consecutive days.  Along with the charge list, the cook manager will generate the charge letter for those students. A copy of the report will be kept on file in the cafeteria and a copy will be given to:

    • Elementary schools - the school principal secretary or designee
    • Secondary schools - social worker or designee.
    • This letter will then be sent home to the parent.

    The school’s designee will be responsible for calling and alerting the parent that their  child has a negative balance. If applicable, suggest that the family apply for free and reduced price meals.

    Suggested script- “Hello, I’m ____________ calling from ____________ school. This is a courtesy call to let you know your child has a negative balance on their lunch account. Would you please send money, either cash or check, tomorrow with your child or replenish your account by going online to mealpayplus.com?”

    The school’s designee will receive the list daily but will call and send letter home only to those students who have charged 3 consecutive days.

    ****A child with a charge balance will not be allowed to purchase snacks until the charge is cleared.****