Feeding Students With Allergies

  • Here are some helpful tips from the Rush-Henrietta Central School District regarding school meals and a child who has food allergies:

    • The first thing a parent must do is make sure that there is a doctor’s note in the nurse’s office with information regarding the specific allergy or intolerance.
    • Parents will then contact Geraldo Torres, director of food services, and he will share with the parents what items the school can provide for the child. We will only prepare the meal for the child if we know they will be eating that day. This means the student would have to let the cook manager at the school know that they are coming through the line. We will not be preparing food every day for the child unless we know they are eating with us.
    • Parents may want to speak to the cook manager directly so that they know who to contact in the kitchen if they have any questions regarding the child’s meal.

    For children with celiac disease, we have the following gluten-free products available:

    • Hamburger - no bun (or we can get gluten-free bread) 
    • Gluten-free pasta 
    • Soft corn tortilla for the sandwiches 
    • Hummus (secondary schools only)
    • Fruit Plate (elementary schools only) – no bread product on plate 
    • Brown rice 
    • Unbreaded grilled chicken - no bun (or we can get gluten-free bread) 
    • Yogurt
    • Steamed vegetables
    • Breakfast - Rice Chex, egg omelet
    • Egg patty, fresh or canned fruit, milk, cheese sticks

    We also have soy milk for children with milk allergies and rice milk only for students with soy and milk allergies. This is available if we know a child will drink these alternatives. Remember, the child must have at least three items to count as a complete meal and the soy or rice milk does not count as a milk component according to federal guidelines. 

    We prepare these meals separately so as to avoid cross-contamination.

    It’s difficult for children with certain food allergies to get a variety as they are limited with their choices. Please be aware they will often eat the same things daily. The important thing is that we are making reasonable accommodations so that all our students receive a nutritious meal.