Code of Conduct

  • Student Code of Conduct

    The Rush-Henrietta Central School District maintains and operates an extensive transportation system for the purpose of bringing students to school and taking them home again safely and on time. School transportation is an extension of the school day. Rules of conduct are posted on each bus and reviewed three times per year during required safety drills. Student/parent cooperation is necessary to ensure the safety of all passengers during transit. Any misbehavior on the bus may endanger the health and safety of others. Students who misbehave may have their privilege of riding the bus taken away, as well as having to face school disciplinary action. Listed below are possible interventions that may be implemented by the principal and/or the director of transportation:

    1. Telephone contact by the bus driver
    2. The driver will call the parent and explain what the student is doing that is interfering with the trip to or from school and seek the parents' support in correcting the problem.

    3. Written conduct report
    4. The driver will make a written report and turn it into the Transportation Department office. The head driver or director will call the parents and explain what is happening and again seek the parents’ support. A copy is mailed home to the parents. A copy is also sent to the principal of the school. The principal and the director of transportation will decide if any further action is needed at this time. Repeated conduct reports could and will lead to suspension of busing services from 1-5 days and at such time, the parents would be responsible to transport their child.

    5. Conference

      Conference with administrator (such as the principal and/or director of transportation), parent/guardian, student, and driver; resulting in suspension from the bus and/or school for a period of 1-5 days. Other interventions may be determined by the principal.