K-5 Bus Pass Change

  • The following is the text of a letter mailed to all district parents in December 2016:

    The Rush-Henrietta Central School District is committed to providing safe and timely transportation for its students. We take great pride in the care and service we provide as we transport nearly 6,000 students each day on district buses, traveling well in excess of one million miles each school year to do so. 

    Unfortunately, the dramatic increase during the past few years in daily requests for changes to pick-up and drop-off locations through the use of bus passes is now impacting our ability to provide safe, reliable, and timely transportation for our students. In September, more than 1,000 requests for bus schedule changes were made at our elementary schools, resulting in bus delays that affected subsequent routes and increased the potential for students to be transported to the wrong drop-off location. This is truly a frightening experience for our younger students.

    We no longer have the capability to grant last-minute changes to bus schedules and will begin limiting requests for bus passes effective January 3, 2017. 

    Beginning Tuesday, January 3, 2017:

    • Requests for bus schedule changes must be received by the main office, in writing, by the Wednesday prior to the week of change. For example, if your child needs to go to a different location on Thursday, January 19, this request needs to be received by the main office on or before Wednesday, January 11.
    • The deadline for requesting a bus schedule change will apply to any change in a pick-up or drop-off location, even if the student will be riding the regular bus (e.g., dropping off at a neighbor’s house instead of at home).
    • No bus passes will be issued for convenience, social events, or school projects. -       Emergency situations (unforeseen hardship) will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the building principal. Beginning in September 2017, in most emergency situations, it will be recommended that the student be placed in the school’s after-school program for that day, at the parent’s expense.

    We regret the inconvenience these changes may cause, and hope that you understand that the district is taking these measures to help ensure the safety of students and minimize disruptions for students and parents. We appreciate your continued support as we do everything we can to maintain safe, reliable, and timely transportation for your children.

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