Information Systems Duties

  • When it comes to summer work, Rush-Henrietta's  Information Technology Services department can give us all a run for our money! Hard-working but rarely seen in public, this department is actually three district groups in one, Computer Services, Information Systems and our in-district print shop, the Document and Publishing Support group, or DPS, as they’re called. Each has distinct duties and responsibilities, yet they work cooperatively to provide the essential, high-quality, professional service our staff and families have come to expect at R-H.

    Computer Services is a group of 12, including nine network technicians and a help desk manager, all of whom know their way around a network! The district’s Five-Year Technology Plan has had a huge impact on this group as they are responsible for every computer device—large and small—in every building throughout the district. This summer, the department received and processed over 1800 new devices, including teacher-assigned laptops and student Chromebooks (see the photo!). This brings the total number of instructional computers in the district to 6,673! All of these devices require support, tracking, and maintenance! In addition to supporting teachers and students, Computer Services is also the go-to group for all R-H administrative offices. Together with Information Systems, they host the district servers and make sure our systems are operating reliably and efficiently. In short, they keep us connected, powered up and on the right page!

    Believe it or not, summer is the busiest time for the Information Systems group! When they aren’t busy leaping tall buildings in a single bound, these nine staffers implement, maintain and support all of the systems in our district that provide information! They are responsible for filing every NYS and federal report for the district (and we all know how easy those are to fill out!), analyzing data for enrollment and space planning (which is essential to the district reconfiguration) and maintaining demographic and enrollment records for all resident students, including private/parochial, homeschoolers, preschoolers and students in special placements. All together, that’s almost 8,000 students! For more than a year, this group has been hard at work implementing SchoolTool, the system that replaces ParentConnect. You may know this system as the online teacher gradebook, but what you don’t know is that its functions include everything from initial student registration and enrollment to scheduling, attendance, grades, discipline and health. It’s used by more than 700 staff members, plus all of the secondary students and parents. So that means well over 6,000 SchoolTool users! This group has our undying admiration for taking on such a monumental task, and we ask for your patience as they continue to work the bugs out.

    The DPS group is just as busy during the summer as they are during the school year, if not busier! The in-house district print shop has a whopping total of three—count’em, three—employees who print, laminate, cut, fold, bind and stuff almost every newsletter, program, handbook, schedule, report card, brochure, poster, workbook and flashcard in the district! They’re also experts at proofing, layout and design! So far this summer, the ladies of DPS have printed, folded, stuffed and mailed more than 5,600 R-H bus schedules and 1,339 student schedules for just the high school alone! That’s just a small sampling of the volume of their work. Like the rest of the groups in their department, they support every school and administrative building in the district, usually with a tight deadline, but always with a friendly, helpful attitude and a health sense of humor.

    Thank you all for everything you do!

Information Technology Services includes the district publishing services.