Vollmer Health Office

  • Research shows that healthy children and youth increase their potential for academic success. Our School Health Services staff provide a wide range of health support to our district’s children, including review of immunization and health appraisal information as a part of the registration process.

    • A Tdap immunization is required when children turn 11 years old, which is tracked by the Health Office.
    • First aid and illness care during the school day.
    • Development of Emergency and Individualized Healthcare Plans as needed for students with significant health issues.
    • Comprehensive Health Education curriculum delivered according to The Guidance Document for Achieving the New York State Standards in Health Education, through participation in building instructional teams. 
    • Health support to faculty and staff.

    Annual health screenings for all students in grades 4 through 6 are as follows:

    • Distance and near vision screening on all new entrants as well as 5th grade annually. 
    • Color perception once during school career. 
    • Hearing screening for all new school entrants, and annually for students in 5th grade.
    • Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) screening done for girls in 5th grade.

    Forms are available for parent/guardian use (use the link provided, print the form, have the form completed and return to your building’s Health Office). Physical forms must be on file in the Health Office for all entering students as well as students in Kindergarten, Grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. Medication Guidelines for parents and guardians are also available at links below. The medication forms must be printed, completed, and returned to your student's Health Office if medications are needed during school hours.

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