Even Start Program

  • Even Start is a family literacy program for preschoolers and their parents. It is:Even Start Preschool Program

    • a quality multi-cultural program offering developmentally appropriate curriculum and a family literacy preschool experience.
    • a fee-based preschool program for children three to five years old, concentrating on family involvement in your child's education.
    • a fee-based Family Literacy program for children eight weeks to three years old who have a parent in our Adult Literacy Program.


    Even Start Program details:

    • Morning preschool program is available.
    • Afternoon preschool program may be available.
    • For three- to four-year old program, a child must turn three by December 1 in the school year for which they are enrolled.
    • The last day to register for any school year program is April 1.
    • The Family Literacy program operates in conjunction with our Adult Literacy Program. (Click here for information on the corresponding Adult Literacy Program.)
    • All programs operate Monday-Friday.
    • All programs start the second week of school then follow the school district calendar until a designated end date.
    • There is an annual, non-refundable registration fee for each child.
    • Monthly enrollment fees are billed the month prior to services being provided. Contact us for the current program rates.

    Parents may register their child(ren) for three, four, or five days per week. When registering, an enrollment packet will be provided that includes instructions on how to schedule a required orientation meeting.

    To learn more about the program, contact Pearl Tokar, Coordinator, (585) 359-7912, ptokar@rhnet.org or call the Cub Care Main Office at (585) 359-7911.