Winter/Spring 2021-2022

  • Rush-Henrietta Central School District
    Approved Student Fundraising Activities
    Winter/Spring 2021-2022

    Burger JHS Student Council February 1-March 4 Cookie dough and popcorn sale
    Senior High School Friends of RH Singers March Concession sales @ spring musical
    Senior High School Friends of RH Singers Spring 2022 Spring giveaway
    Fyle Elementary  Fyle Parent Group  January 14  Panera fundraiser
     Fyle Elementary  Fyle Parent Group  March 11  Blaze Pizza
    Fyle Elementary   Fyle Parent Group  April 14  Dairy Queen fundraiser
    Vollmer Elementary  Vollmer PTO March 7-21 Leo's pies
    Senior High School  Class of 2024 March 1-31 Bundt cake sale
    Vollmer Elementary  Vollmer PTO May 12 Dairy Queen fundraiser
    Senior High School  Robotics November 1-June 24 Chocolate bar sale
    Senior High School  German Club January 10-28 Union Place coffee sale
    Senior High School  German Club May 2-14 Union Place coffee sale
     Senior High School   Girls Lacrosse  April 30  Food trucks & Girls Lacrosse Day
     Senior High School  Softball  January 17 - February 6  Vacation Raffle 
     Senior High School  Varsity Bowling  January 26  Chipotle Fundraiser 
     Burger JHS RHMPA  March 11-12  Snack Sale at All-County Festival 
     Fyle Elementary Fyle PTO  February 28 - March 11  Niagara Chocolate