Winter 2019

  • Rush-Henrietta Central School District
    Approved Student Fundraising Activities
    Winter 2019

    Senior High School RH Quebec City Trip January 7-20 Chocolate fundraiser
     Senior High School Gardening Club January 15-17 Plant sale
    Burger/Roth JHS German Trip to Vermont January 21 Distillery Restaurant fundraiser
     Senior High School RH Varsity Bastketball January 25 Auction & Chuck-a-duck
    Burger JHS German Trip to Vermont January 28 through February 25 Union Place coffee fundraiser
    Burger JHS  Student Council January 29 through March 2 Magazine, cookie dough, and tumbler fundraiser
    Senior High School Friends of RH Singers January through February Valentine's day raffle giveaway
    Senior High School  Comet Wrestling Club February 3 Concessions during youth wrestling tournament 
    Senior High School  Varsity Wrestling February 3 T-shirt sale
    Vollmer Elementary  Vollmer PTO February 4-28 Niagara chocolate sale 
     Winslow Elementary Winslow PTO February 6-7 Concessions at talent show
    Senior High School  Softball February 9 Pancake breakfast
    Senior High School  Class of 2020 February 11-15 Sale of wooden roses
     Vollmer Elementary Student Council February 27 to March 13 Great American Opportunities fundraiser
    Senior High School  National Honor Society March 4-29 Raffles, silent auction, & cards for cause
    Winslow Elementary  Winslow PTO March 4-6 Spring book fair
    Roth JHS  Foreign Language Club March 5 Chipotle Restaurant fundraiser
    Senior High School  Friends of RH Singers March 2019 Concessions during the Spring musical
     Senior High School Interact Club May 6-10 Sale of wooden roses
     Senior High School Interact Club May 28 to June 7 Collecting donations for Building Minds in South Sudan
    Burger JHS  Outdoor Club January 2 to February 8 Collection of donations for Polar Plunge 2019
     Senior High School Bel Canto January 17 to February 7 Sale of tickets for annual pasta dinner-2.7.19
    Senior High School  Girls Lacrosse February 2 to March 10 Charity sweepstakes/drawings
    Burger JHS  WEB February 11-14 Sale of candy grams
    Senior High School  Class of 2021 February 11-15 Sale of 2021 sweatshirts
    Senior High School  Class of 2021 May 20-23 Bruster's ice cream fundraiser
     Burger JHS Outdoors Club January 14 to February 8 T-shirt sale
     Senior High School Boys Lacrosse February 28 to March 1 Stick skills and drills clinic for RH atletes
     Senior High School Bel Canto February 28 to March 28 Annual pasta dinner & coffee house
     Senior High School Women's Empowerment Club March 4-8 Sale of handmade bracelets and hair scrunchies
    Senior High School  Tri-M Honor Society March 4-31 Run a practice-a-thon 
     Burger JHS German Trip to Vermont March 11 Chipotle fundraiser
     Senior High School Softball March 30 Euchre tournament @ Ely Fagan American Legion
     Sherman Elementary Sherman PTO March 21 Dine back night at Red Robin
    Senior High School  Baseball May 4 8th Annual Baseball Festival-pulled pork lunch
     Senior High School Spotlight Theatre March 21-23 Sale of "Cat in the Hat" hats 
    Senior High School & TOC  Natural Helpers April 6 Electronics Recycling Event
    Senior High School  RH Track & Field April 24 Fundraising night at Panera
    All District Buildings  RH ASP  April 22-May 3  Annual plant sale 
    Sherman Elementary  American Heart Association April 24-25 Raise money for the AHA
    Senior High School  Track & Field May 18 Food trucks @ track & field picnic
    Leary Elementary  H2O For Life May 20-June 15 Collect donations to fund a well in Africa
    Senior High School  Girl's Lacrosse May 11 Food trucks @ RH girl's lacrosse day
    Senior High School  Sustainable Garden Club May 22-23 Plant sale
    Senior High School  Class of 2020 June 13 Bruster's ice cream fundraiser
    Senior High School  RH Football Program August 5-19 Lift-a-thon
     Senior High School Baseball July 27, 2019 Adam Miller Kickball Tournament