Winter/Spring 2019

  • Rush-Henrietta Central School District
    Approved Student Fundraising Activities
    Winter/Spring 2019

    Senior High School RH Quebec City Trip January 7-20 Chocolate fundraiser
     Senior High School Gardening Club January 15-17 Plant sale
    Burger/Roth JHS German Trip to Vermont January 21 Distillery Restaurant fundraiser
     Senior High School RH Varsity Bastketball January 25 Auction & Chuck-a-duck
    Burger JHS German Trip to Vermont January 28 through February 25 Union Place coffee fundraiser
    Burger JHS  Student Council January 29 through March 2 Magazine, cookie dough, and tumbler fundraiser
    Senior High School Friends of RH Singers January through February Valentine's day raffle giveaway
    Senior High School  Comet Wrestling Club February 3 Concessions during youth wrestling tournament 
    Senior High School  Varsity Wrestling February 3 T-shirt sale
    Vollmer Elementary  Vollmer PTO February 4-28 Niagara chocolate sale 
     Winslow Elementary Winslow PTO February 6-7 Concessions at talent show
    Senior High School  Softball February 9 Pancake breakfast
    Senior High School  Class of 2020 February 11-15 Sale of wooden roses
     Vollmer Elementary Student Council February 27 to March 13 Great American Opportunities fundraiser
    Senior High School  National Honor Society March 4-29 Raffles, silent auction, & cards for cause
    Winslow Elementary  Winslow PTO March 4-6 Spring book fair
    Roth JHS  Foreign Language Club March 5 Chipotle Restaurant fundraiser
    Senior High School  Friends of RH Singers March 2019 Concessions during the Spring musical
     Senior High School Interact Club May 6-10 Sale of wooden roses
     Senior High School Interact Club May 28 to June 7 Collecting donations for Building Minds in South Sudan
    Burger JHS  Outdoor Club January 2 to February 8 Collection of donations for Polar Plunge 2019
     Senior High School Bel Canto January 17 to February 7 Sale of tickets for annual pasta dinner-2.7.19
    Senior High School  Girls Lacrosse February 2 to March 10 Charity sweepstakes/drawings
    Burger JHS  WEB February 11-14 Sale of candy grams
    Senior High School  Class of 2021 February 11-15 Sale of 2021 sweatshirts
    Senior High School  Class of 2021 May 20-23 Bruster's ice cream fundraiser
     Burger JHS Outdoors Club January 14 to February 8 T-shirt sale
     Senior High School Boys Lacrosse February 28 to March 1 Stick skills and drills clinic for RH atletes
     Senior High School Bel Canto February 28 to March 28 Annual pasta dinner & coffee house
     Senior High School Women's Empowerment Club March 4-8 Sale of handmade bracelets and hair scrunchies
    Senior High School  Tri-M Honor Society March 4-31 Run a practice-a-thon 
     Burger JHS German Trip to Vermont March 11 Chipotle fundraiser
     Senior High School Softball March 30 Euchre tournament @ Ely Fagan American Legion
     Sherman Elementary Sherman PTO March 21 Dine back night at Red Robin
    Senior High School  Baseball May 4 8th Annual Baseball Festival-pulled pork lunch
     Senior High School Spotlight Theatre March 21-23 Sale of "Cat in the Hat" hats 
    Senior High School & TOC  Natural Helpers April 6 Electronics Recycling Event
    Senior High School  RH Track & Field April 24 Fundraising night at Panera
    All District Buildings  RH ASP  April 22-May 3  Annual plant sale 
    Sherman Elementary  American Heart Association April 24-25 Raise money for the AHA
    Senior High School  Track & Field May 18 Food trucks @ track & field picnic
    Leary Elementary  H2O For Life May 20-June 15 Collect donations to fund a well in Africa
    Senior High School  Girl's Lacrosse May 11 Food trucks @ RH girl's lacrosse day
    Senior High School  Sustainable Garden Club May 22-23 Plant sale
    Senior High School  Class of 2020 June 13 Bruster's ice cream fundraiser
    Senior High School  RH Football Program August 5-19 Lift-a-thon
     Senior High School Baseball July 27, 2019 Adam Miller Kickball Tournament
     Senior High School RH Music Parents Association June 24 Chipotle fundraiser
    Senior High School (Webster Building)  Girls Lacrosse July 1-3 Youth lacrosse camp