Cub Care FAQ

  • The Cub Care Zone is our before-and-after-school wraparound care program offered to Rush-Henrietta families. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the program! If your question is not answered, ask us here!

    Q: Will snack be provided? 

    A: Yes, children enrolled in the after-school program will receive snack.

    Q: Will children enrolled in the morning program have the opportunity to purchase breakfast at school?

    A: Yes, children enrolled in the before-school care program will be able to buy breakfast or bring breakfast from home to eat at school.

    Q: Can a parent adjust the before-and-after-school care schedule for their child after they obtain the school enrichment activity for their student?

    A: Yes, with reasonable notification, this will be allowed. We encourage parents to request such a change immediately upon receipt of their child’s school activities, which likely happen in September after several weeks of school have occurred. If this results in a change in the number of days your child will be attending, a new financial agreement will be required to reflect the updated fees.

    Q: If I am home for one of the days my child was supposed to attend before or after school care, and my child did not access care for the day, will I be reimbursed?

    A: No.

    Q: If a child is scheduled for care on a school holiday, such as Columbus Day, will the parents still be charged for care?

    A: Yes. However, care is available all day on school holidays and families can access this non-school-day care by paying the difference for a full day of care.

    Q: What is the staff-to-student ratio in the Cub Care program?

    A: 10 students per one staff member

    Q: Will my child be offered assistance when it comes time to do homework?

    A: Yes.

    Q: If my family needs to use as-needed care, when do I have to inform the program?

    A: Before-school as-needed care must be scheduled before 11 a.m. the day prior, while after-school care that is on an as-needed basis could be arranged by 11 a.m. that same day.

    Q: Will care be provided when school is closed due to inclement weather?

    A: No, and there will be no refunds issued for that day.

    Q: Will a daily program structure be communicated with families?

    A: Yes. In addition, special monthly activities will be communicated.

    Q: How can I register?

    A: Just click here!

    Q: Why is the school district offering this program? What happened to the town program?

    A: Although the after-school program run by the town of Henrietta provided a valuable service to many families, town leaders decided to end the town’s long-running program in 2017.

    First, the town’s after-school program had a limited capacity and was not available to all families, thus creating a situation of inequity. For many years, parents would sleep overnight on the sidewalk at the town hall in the hopes of securing one of the limited spots when registration opened the following morning. In recent years, those spots were granted based on the result of a lottery drawing. 

    Second, the town’s after-school program was offered at below-market pricing. Henrietta residents helped pay for this through their annual taxes. With a minimum-wage increase, changes to laws governing health care, the new property tax cap, and other fiscal challenges on the horizon, town leaders decided that continuing its after-school program was not in the best interest of all residents.

    The school district worked diligently to create an affordable, school-based wraparound care program for students in grades K-6. We heard from many parents who are excited about the potential cost-savings their family will experience versus what they are paying at private providers. Others have told us they appreciate the convenience and peace of mind associated with having children remain at one location throughout the day.