Patricia Gilmore Chiverton, Class of 1965

  • Patricia Gilmore Chiverton, Class of 1965, is Dean of the School of Nursing at the University of Rochester and Vice President for Strong Health Nursing. She fondly recalls Rush-Henrietta’s math and science departments, and remembers how one staff member’s sage advice helped launch her professional career.

    That staff member, a high school guidance counselor named Frank Giannone, took the unusual step of encouraging Patricia to pursue a four-year college degree, rather than a diploma program, which was the norm in 1965 for prospective nurses. "If I had gone down the other path," she says, "I'm sure I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today. That really set the stage for my career advancement."

    Patricia Gilmore Chiverton was honored with the Distinguished Alumni award in 2005.