Karl Hirschman '85

  • Karl Hirschman, a 1985 Rush-Henrietta graduate, is a full professor in the Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering Department at Rochester Institute of Technology. His work, both in teaching and research, are widely respected in his field of expertise.

    After graduating from Rush-Henrietta, Karl received his bachelor’s degree in microelectronic engineering and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from RIT. After working as a process engineer at IBM, he went on to earn his doctorate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Rochester.

    During his graduate studies, Karl developed a passion for teaching undergraduate students. He has been teaching microelectronic courses at RIT for more than 20 years. One of his favorite courses to teach is integrated circuit technology, which he says “is the greatest opportunity for me to share excitement and enthusiasm for microelectronics and to begin to shape the students into process and device engineers.”

    In addition, his research program has secured more than $2 million in research grants from private and public entities, and he is directly responsible for the acquisition of millions of dollars of high-tech equipment and cash donations made to RIT. During his career, he has published more than 70 technical papers.

    In addition to his outstanding academic credentials, Karl is well known for his community-service activities. He is an assistant scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 334 and helps lead service projects in both Rush and Henrietta. He has volunteered his time to teach about engineering to the Rochester Engineering Explorer Scout post, even offering in-depth tours of RIT’s Semiconductor and Microsystems Cleanroom. In addition, Karl has given back to the school district, providing tours to many Rush-Henrietta students interested in pursuing engineering in college.

    His desire to support high school students is based, in large part, on the outstanding experience he had while attending school. “The education I received at Rush-Henrietta gave me the desire to continue learning,” Hirschman says. “I must thank the exceptional teachers that I had in all subjects, ranging from calculus to metal shop.”

    Karl and his wife, Theresa, a 1986 Rush-Henrietta graduate, live in Henrietta. They have three children, all of whom are Rush-Henrietta graduates.


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