Career Shadowing/Internships

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    The Rush-Henrietta Career Shadowing Program is designed to provide Rush-Henrietta students with the opportunity to explore, observe, and evaluate specific occupations that may be related to their potential career interests.

    The purpose of the program is to provide an organizational framework that outlines an educationally sound process students can follow in order to investigate occupations that are of interest to them. Students will spend a work day, or part of a work day, with a community mentor who is currently employed in the occupation the student wishes to research and who has volunteered to host the student. All students who participate in this program should be willing and able to demonstrate independence, maturity, and responsibility through the various stages of participation.  Every effort is made to place students with a mentor in the field of their choice, however placement is not guaranteed. Placement depends on the availability of a mentor in the chosen field, and the student’s history of being a good representative of the Rush-Henrietta school community.

    More than 2,000 R-H students have taken advantage of this opportunity since the inception of the program in 1996. Rush-Henrietta students have shadowed a large variety of occupations including chefs, police officers, scientists, computer professionals, architects, newscasters, meteorologists, teachers, engineers, lawyers, veterinarians, graphic designers, social workers, dentists, pharmacists, occupational and physical therapists, nurses, physicians, and physician's assistants. 

    More than 500 companies have participated in our shadowing program and we are most grateful to them and to all the individual mentors who have shared their day as well as their knowledge and experience with our students. 

    The Career Internship Program at Rush-Henrietta Senior High School is an opportunity for juniors and seniors to gain experience in a career of their choice. Internships are available throughout the year, including summers, and are designed to meet the needs and interests of each student. Students who choose to participate in the program must have a strong career focus, satisfactory academics, and a commitment to work a minimum of 54 hours. They must demonstrate responsibility, initiative and motivation, and must have a desire to learn and work in a professional setting.

    An internship is an unpaid work experience providing R-H students with an opportunity to work side-by-side with professionals in many career areas. Law, medicine, architecture, public relations, engineering, and education are examples of recent internship placements.

    Students can receive school credit upon succesful completion. Added benefits include clarification of career goals, increased knowledge of the skills needed to be a member of the workforce, better understanding of the relationship between high school learning and the work world, and increased ability to make informed decisions on high school course selection, college selection, and career choices.

    The community also benefits from this program by having shared in the development of trained and educated students who will eventually be productive members of the workforce. 

    Shadowing is recommended before an internship is arranged. 

    The Career Shadowing and Career Internship Programs are coordinated by the Work-Based Learning Coordinator in cooperation with School Counselors.

    Apprenticeship Programs:

    Independent Electrical Contractors New York Chapter Inc. (IEC New York), Our Apprenticeship Program is an alternative to more expensive college/university programs. Most importantly, most of our apprentices continue to work for the contractor they complete their apprentice training with; that means they finish our program already employed in the industry. The on-the-job training is paid employment, with one of our member contractors. We are also working towards starting an internship program where junior and senior high school students with an interest in the electrical field can intern with a member contractor for a summer. This would give the students the opportunity to see if this is the industry for them; these students can then apply for our Apprenticeship Program.
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