College Application Procedures

  • We understand that applying to colleges can be overwhelming but these step-by-step instructions will help as you navigate this process. As always, if you have any questions - visit your Counselor or the Senior Processer, Mrs. Ottman in the Counseling Center. 

    Step 1: Create a Common Application Account

    For detailed information about this process, CLICK HERE. 

    Step 2: Log in to Naviance Student

      1. Log in using your username and password at
      2. Choose the About Me in the upper right-hand corner and check your profile under My Account > Account - make sure your name and email address is the same as what you entered in Common App or it will not link properly. (REMEMBER, DO NOT USE YOUR DOCS EMAIL ADDRESS). Contact your Counselor if you need help changing this.
      3. Next, choose the Colleges tab at the top of the page.
      4. Click on Apply to College > Colleges I’m Applying To.
      5. Follow the prompts to match your Common App account to your Naviance Student Account.

    Step 3: Add Colleges to your Naviance Student Account

      1. Once you have linked your Common App account to your Naviance Student account, many of your colleges may pre-populate. However, if they do not, follow these instructions:
        1. Under Colleges I’m Applying To, select the pink (+) button at the top right corner.
        2. Search for your College.
        3. Select the application type from the drop-down menu (regular decision, early decision, etc.).
        4. Select how you will submit your application (Common App, Direct to the Institution, etc.).
        5. Click Add Application.
      2. Make sure to indicate which type of application you are using for all colleges.
        1. Look at your completed Colleges I’m Applying To List.
        2. Under Submission Type, you will see a small computer icon. If they are a Common App exclusive school, it will pre-populate for you and show a "CA" on the computer screen. Otherwise, you will have to edit how you are applying. If there is a "?" on the computer screen you need to do this:
          • Click on Edit (to the right). Under I’ll Submit My Application there will be a dropdown menu. Please indicate which type of application you are using.

    Step 4: Letters of Recommendation

    If you will be requesting letters of recommendation from someone in the Rush-Henrietta CSD, stay within Colleges, and select the link for the Letters of Recommendation section. Make sure you have confirmation from this recommender prior to sending the request in Naviance.

    For more detailed information about this process, CLICK HERE.

    Step 5: Transcript Request Form (Green Sheet)

    Fill out your application(s) in their entirety. Once you have submitted your application(s) you must fill out a transcript request form (green sheet) for EVERY college to which you are applying. Without that form, we are not authorized to send any records on your behalf, nor will we know that you have actually applied. Be sure that any schools to which you are applying or have applied to are listed in your Naviance Student account or we will be unable to send your records.

    For more detailed information about this process, CLICK HERE.