Scholarships: How To Apply

  • Nomination Scholarships

    You must be nominated by a teacher or Counselor, however students are encouraged to self-nominate. Each college has specific self-nomination requirements/questions. You can find the specific self-nomination form in Naviance under the each scholarship opportunity.

    If needed, visit the College & Career Center for instructions on self-nominating. 

    Example of a basic Self-Nomination Form.

    General Scholarships

    1. Each scholarship has a unique application that must be completed. 

    2. Complete the application making sure you follow the instructions exactly.

    3. Pay strict attention to deadlines.

    4. Follow all directions. 

    5. If the scholarship requires a transcript, the application must be mailed by the Counseling Center. Scholarships requiring a transcript must be submitted to the Counseling Center with a Transcript Request Form (green sheet) at least 10 school days before the due date.  It is important that you plan ahead and allow time for processing. It is your responsibility to make sure the application is complete.  

    6. If the scholarship does not require a transcript, it is your responsibility to follow all instructions given to submit the completed application to the scholarship organization before it's due date. 

    7. If you are the recipient of a scholarship, be sure to write a thank you note to the scholarship granting organization. 

    Tips for Completing Your Scholarship Application