Digital Portfolio Resources

    R-H Visual Arts Portfolios
    The New York State Learning Standards for the Arts requires students at the HS Proficient Level to analyze, select, and curate art for presentation and preservation, demonstrate an awareness of the ethical implications of making and distributing creative work, and to apply the feedback of others to revise and refine works of art and design in progress.  In 2014, the Art Department required students in the Visual Arts program to create a Digital Art Portfolio, using Google Sites as a way to develop these skills and share their work. Students add to their portfolio with each subsequent art course that they elect to take in R-H. They also share their portfolio with the Visual Arts teaching staff so we may learn from the work of our students and make decisions about how the Visual Arts program should grow and be strengthened.
    A portfolio is a collection of an artist's work, an ongoing record of ideas and expressions. It is used to record growth over time through the acquisition of skills, refinement of techniques, and application of concepts.  It is a reflection of your knowledge of the art elements and principles.  An artist's portfolio is constantly in progress, being added to and edited.  Students in Rush-Henrietta will begin to build their electronic portfolios in their first high school visual arts course, Foundations in Art, and will continue to add to it with each subsequent art class.  




    It is now time to customize your home page. 
    • Write your artist statement.  Here are some guidelines for creating this statement. (you will replace the image later in the year with a piece that best demonstrates your work)
    Current Art Class:
    Watch this video on creating your first art class's page.  In it you will learn how to do the following:
    • Rename "class one" to your present class.
    • Insert first piece's image
    • Write the caption for the piece

    Adding another class:
    Watch this video on adding additional classes.  In it you will learn how to do the following:
    • Create a new page
    • Page name will be your second art class
    • Select the correct template (class title)

    Providing the Art Department the Web Address to your Google Site:
    Step two: Use this Google Form to provide the department with the URL to your portfolio.