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    Art Education is a forum where students develop their potential - aesthetically, intellectually and creatively. Art is a record of humankind's achievements, a reflection of a society's values, beliefs, attitudes and concerns. Students grow in their ability to participate in their world when they begin to see connections between the visual arts, other art forms and aspects of life and learning. Below is just one example of how the visual arts can impact our world.

    Art education is indispensable to the freedom of inquiry and expression. The arts provide forms of nonverbal communication that can strengthen the presentation of ideas. The modes of thinking and methods of the arts can be used to illuminate situations in other disciplines that require creative solutions. All students, regardless of their background, talents or abilities, deserve access to a rich, comprehensive arts education program that develops the self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation and self-motivation necessary for success in life. Art is an important part of the common culture because it provides us with examples of the breadth, depth and complexity of human nature.

    Access the links below to websites for preschool through secondary students and for links to art museums.  Get a good start - a smart start with art!

    For more information, please contact the Visual Arts Director, Donna Watts, by calling (585)359-5058 or e-mailing

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