Health and Safety Committee

  • Mission
    To foster the ongoing continuous improvement of non-instructional services for the benefit of Rush-Henrietta Central School District children and staff, and to provide for the health and safety of the district's children on the way to and from school as well as during school hours. The team meets on the first Thursday of the month from September through June. If you are aware of a safety concern in our school district that needs addressing, please let us know by clicking here.

    Chris Barker, Director of Student Management/Chief Emergency Officer/District Emergency Response Team
    Nerlande Anselme, Asst. Superintendent of Student & Family Services/District Emergency Response Team
    Michael Paladino District Safety Coordinator/District Emergency Response Team
    Kenneth Nelson, Director of School Facilities/District Emergency Response Team
    Geraldo Torres, Director of Food Services/District Emergency Response Team
    Steve Bloss, Head Bus Driver/District Emergency Response Team
    David Kaye, Architect/District Emergency Response Team
    Shirley Smith-Gravanda, Director of Transportation/District Emergency Response Team
    Jill Bernhardt, District Nurse-Practitioner/District Emergency Response Team
    Annmarie Strzyzynski, Rush-Henrietta Central School District Board of Education
    Jeffrey Wagner, Captain, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office
    Mark Strzyzynski, Fire Chief, Henrietta Fire
    James Bucci, Executive Deputy Chief, CHS Mobile Integrated Health Care
    Richard Tracy, Rush Fire Marshall
    Jim McNeil, Rush Fire Department
    Chuck Marshall, Town of Henrietta, Safety Officer
    Marcy Mooney, Assistant Principal, Sherman Elementary School
    Marissa Logue, Assistant Principal, Rush-Henrietta Senior High School
    Peter Nowak, Assistant Principal, Roth Junior High School
    Jim Nunez, Assistant Principal, Burger Junior High School
    Lisa Farina, Assistant Principal, Vollmer Elementary School
    Pearl Tokar, Coordinator of Child Care Services, Good Shepherd Building
    Bonnie Coddington, Coordinator, Continuing Education
    Sheila Buck, Rush-Henrietta Employees Association
    Scott Stradley, Teacher, Roth Junior High School
    Jeanne Schwasman, SNT, Senior High School
    Kathy Marnell, SNT, Fyle Elementary School
    Brook Baumgartner, School Social Worker, Sherman Elementary School
    Jennifer Russell, School Social Worker, Crane Elementary School
    Mike Dinsmore, District Parent Advisory Council (Elementary/Junior High)
    Gary Rose, Senior High School, Sentry I Supervisor
    Karen Arthmann, Youth Assistant/Paraprofessional Unit