Member Responsibilities


    Membership in DPAC brings with it certain responsibilities. These responsibilities have expanded over the years and today include the following:

    • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among parent groups
    • To facilitate communication among DPAC, the parent groups, and the Board of Education
    • To obtain the opinions and/or recommendations of parents on current school issues
    • To advise the Board of Education and the district administration on current school issues
    • To share information on district activities with parent groups
    • To support parent groups at the building level
    • To promote parent participation in the schools
    • To mobilize community support for the schools through the parent groups
    • To initiate suggestions and ideas for improvements in the schools and refer them to the appropriate task forces for further study and action
    • To review and make appropriate comments and recommendations on proposals and plans developed by the district staff and other groups
    • To assist the Board of Education and the district administration as requested
    • To review proposed legislation and mobilize community efforts regarding that legislation when warranted

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