DPAC Members

  • DPAC Membership

    DPAC shall be composed of the following delegates:

    A)  Voting Members:

          1.       two voting parent representatives from each school in the District;

          2.       two non-voting alternate parent representatives from each school in the District     (optional);

          3.       two or three at-large voting members serving as officers; and

          4.       one voting member from each Parent Group not representing individual schools

    B)  Ex-Officio Members (non-voting):

          1.       one member of the Rush-Henrietta Central School Board of Education;

          2.       the Superintendent of Schools; and

          3.       the Assistant to the Superintendent acting as liaison to the community.

    C)  DPAC officers shall consist of a Chairperson and one or two Vice Chairpersons.

          1.      In the event of the election of two Vice Chairpersons, one shall be designated First Vice Chairperson and one as Second Vice Chairperson.

    D)  Officers shall be elected at the May meeting and shall serve a term of one year beginning July 1. 


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