Sports Boosters

  • Purpose
    The purpose of the R-H Sports Booster Club is to support the athletic program through fundraising activities.

    Management of the Booster Club
    The president and other elected officers — vice president, treasurer, secretary, and vice president of membership — shall carry out the management of the Rush-Henrietta Sports Booster Club. Term of office shall be for one year. Responsibilities are:

    • to direct and manage the business and financial affairs of the organization.
    • to formulate the policies, rules, and regulations of the club to conform to the by-laws (see attached by-laws).
    • to authorize the expenditures of funds of the club in the manner provided by these by-laws.
    • to review any other matters arising from within or growing out of activities sponsored by the club.

    Funds will be raised by the Booster Club through permanent activities or special events and membership fees (membership fees will be reviewed and charged annually). The funds raised and any other funds received by the club shall be administered and controlled by the R-H Sports Booster Club.

    Membership of the Booster Club
    Membership in the R-H Sports Booster Club shall be open to adults eighteen (18) years of age and over who are not currently high school students. All active members of the club shall be qualified to vote, serve on committees, and hold office. Each sports team shall have one representative as a liaison between the sport and the club. Team representatives have the responsibility to attend the Sports Booster Club meeting and report on team needs and progress.
    Full membership information can be found in the link below.

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