Cost to Families

  • Q: What is the cost to families for the Chromebook?

    A: The district will provide the Chromebook, charging cord, and all required electronic resources. Families will be offered an opportunity to purchase a Chromebook Protection Plan to offset unanticipated costs due to damage, loss or theft of the Chromebook.

    Q: Are there accessories families should purchase for the Chromebook?
    A: Students would benefit from having headphones for listening to audio on the Chromebook. Headphones are widely available and are very inexpensive, but in most cases will not be provided by the district. Families may also want to consider a backpack that will carry and protect the Chromebook.
    Q: What happens if a Chromebook gets damaged, destroyed, or stolen?
    A: Either outside of classroom time, or during if approved by the teacher, the student will bring their device to the library.  The Technology Teaching Assistant (TTA) will assess the situation and either resolves it or assign the student a loaner Chromebook. If the TTA is not available, the Library Clerk will have the student fill out a form describing the issue and assign the student a loaner Chromebook.   If there is a device malfunction, it may be repaired or replaced through the warranty. Any costs associated with breaking, or losing the device will be the responsibility of the family.
    To support families in this responsibility, the district is offering a Chromebook Protection Plan to cover any repair and/or replacement costs. Any Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly must be returned to the school library for an evaluation.
    Q: Is the district offering a protection plan for Chromebooks?
    A: Yes, see the first page of the instructional technology section for the details.