Technology Information

  • Q: Why was the Chromebook chosen for this program?

    A: After using PC laptops, netbooks, iPads, Android Tablets, and Chromebooks throughout the district, we collected feedback from students, faculty and Technology Services staff while making our decision, as well as talking with other districts who have 1 to 1 programs.  After much consideration, the Rush-Henrietta district has chosen Chromebooks for our grades 6-12 initiative. Based on the speed of log in, long battery life, integrated relationship with Google Apps for Education, price, limited maintenance and automatic updates, the Chromebooks worked best for our students’ needs.
    Q: What is cloud computing?
    A:  Cloud-based computing refers to access to a system that is delivered through the Internet. Data is stored on vendor-owned systems rather than on district-owned systems. The software application itself runs through a web browser. For these reasons, cloud computing has many advantages, including accessibility from both home and school, platform independence, and fewer district resources. Cloud-based learning management systems provide equal access to files at any time, from anywhere. Students and teachers use a variety of district-owned and privately owned devices to access these systems.

    Q: What is G Suite for Education?
    A:  Rush-Henrietta is harnessing the power of cloud computing by using G Suitefor Education. This gives students a learning platform in the cloud that allows them to create and collaborate on documents wherever they are, on any Internet-capable device. These tools provide our students in grades K-12 with access to:
    • word processing
    • presentation tools
    • spreadsheets
    • student e-mail
    • discussion forums
    • personalized digital portfolios and websites showcasing their work
    • district-approved apps
    • and so much more!

    This suite of applications will foster greater collaboration and communication between our students and teachers, and allow home access to continue their learning and creating.




    Q: Will there be a way for students to print from the Chromebooks? 

    A: Printing at home is possible with printers that allow Google Cloud printing.
    Q: How will students manage and save work?
    A: By using their G Suite Account, all work is automatically saved to the cloud.  The students will also have the ability to save their work to the Chromebook itself for times they can not access the Internet.