Student Use

  • Q: What are our expectations for student use of the Chromebooks?

    A: All student expectations are laid out in the Student Pledge that all students and parents must sign.
    • Students are to take care in the handling and use of the Chromebooks.  

    • They will not vandalize, decorate, or abuse the devices.  

    • They will only use the Chromebook assigned to them.  

    • They will bring the Chromebook to school every day, fully charged.

    Q: How will students identify their Chromebook?  
    A: All the Chromebooks are the same, so they look very much alike. However, each Chromebook will be tagged with a sticker with the student’s name on it. Additionally, district bar codes will be on each device and each device has a serial number. The district keeps all that data, so if a Chromebook is misplaced, we can determine who it is assigned to get it back to the student user. Any ID stickers that are on the Chromebook when issued must stay on the Chromebook.
    No additional permanent markings of any kind (stickers, engraving, permanent ink pen, tape, etc.) shall be placed on the Chromebook.
    Q: How do students ensure the battery life will last throughout the entire school day?
    A: One of the main reasons the district chose the Chromebook is that, when fully charged, the Chromebook can run for up to 8 hours or more. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the device is fully charged when coming to school.
    Q: How will issues of inappropriate usage or intentional vandalism be handled?
    A: Inappropriate uses are considered disciplinary issues and are handled accordingly on a case by case basis.
    Q: Who owns the Chromebook?
    A: All Chromebooks provided by the district are the property of Rush-Henrietta Central School District.