Leary Physical Education

  • Welcome to Leary Physical Education 2018-19!!



    Mrs. Junge and Mr. Chamberlain welcome you to a fun and action-packed year of Physical Education at Leary!

    Every day in PE we begin with a warm-up session. These warm-ups are designed to prepare our students for the activity of the day.  An aerobic component is a part of our warm-ups every day to help our students build a healthy heart and body!

    We do numerous PE units throughout the school year. Specific skills and game play are focused upon during each unit. In physical education, cooperation, sportsmanship, and honesty are stressed.

    Contact information for Mr. Chamberlain is cchamberlain@rhnet.org
    and for Mrs. Junge it is gjunge@rhnet.org

    We are looking forward to a great year!
    Last modified 11/14/2018