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    My name is Jacqueline Repp. I am the School Nurse Teacher (SNT) at Leary Elementary.  In my role as SNT, I care for student's medical or health concerns in the health office on a daily basis, and teach the health curriculum to all grade levels here at Leary.  I can be contacted in the health office at 585-359-5474 or via e-mail at jrepp@rhnet.org


     Medication at school

    You must provide new doctor orders for ANY medication your child will take during the school year.  (The link to the RH medication form is here). 



     Physical Exams

    Physical exams are required for ALL new entrants, and for students entering K, 1st and 3rd grade.  

    New York State has just initiated a new mandated health screening form.  Talk to your childs provider, they may not yet have this form electronically.  




    State required screenings for hearing and vision will continue until ALL required grade levels are screened.  As always, no news is good news, I will call you if there is a concern.



     Immunization Requirements:

    The New York State immunization requirements have changed.  The new requirements for entry include:


    • DTaP-5 doses (or 4 if the 4th booster was given after 4th birthday)
    • Polio-4 doses (or 3 if 3rd dose was given after 4th birthday)
    • Hep B- 3 doses or 4th if 3rd dose was given before age 2
    • Varicella (chicken pox) -2 doses 
    • MMR-2 doses


     Health Class

    As the SNT here at Leary, I teach Health Lessons at the K-3 levels.  Watch this space for more information.
    Ask your student about health classes! 


    Healthy Choices:

    • Hand washing (30 seconds, soap, and water)
    • Good night's sleep (+/- 10 hours for grade school students)
    • Healthy food choices (fruits and veggies)  
    • Drink lots of water    (limit sugary juice, soda) 
    • Physical exercise!  (2 hours each day exercise!)
    • Sunscreen! (even in the winter, you may need to sunscreen exposed skin)

    Great Outdoor Activities for Summer:

    • hiking
    • biking
    • walking
    • running


    It is  important to get outside, as long as you are dressed for the temperature! (sun screen, bug spray, hat, sunglasses)


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