Get to Know Leary Elementary School

  • Welcome to Leary Elementary School! Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that are designed to help you learn more about our school. Please feel free to call the main office at 359-5460 for additional information. We're happy to help!

    Q. Where do I drop off my child?
    Students may be dropped off in the small circle and then walk down to the main entrance. If you are bringing your child in after school has started, you must accompany them in and sign them in at the Health Office. School starts at 7:45 a.m., and students should not arrive earlier than 7:40 a.m.

    Q. If I want my child transported to a babysitter on a regular basis, what do I need to do?
    A. You will need to fill out and submit a Childcare/Transportation Form. They are available in the main office and should be returned there once they are complete. After they have been processed, one of the main office secretaries will call you with the bus number and time changes. During the summer, the Transportation department will notify you by mail in August.

    Q. Will my child be screened for reading levels, etc.?
    A. Yes. All students in grades K through 3 are screened.  All new students, including those entering kindergarten in the fall, are screened after registration.

    Q. My child has special needs. How do I register for special education?
    A. Please inform the district registrar at the time of registration. It is helpful to have a copy of the current IEP with you at the time of registration. Laurise will fax all information to the Special Education department, and they will let the school know what type of program will be set for your child.

    Q. Does Leary offer an ENL (English for New Learners) program?
    A. Yes. A form for ENL should be filled out at the time of registration. It is then forwarded to the ESL teacher at Leary, Susy Rosenbloom, who will contact you.

    Q. Does Leary participate in the free breakfast/lunch program?
    A. Yes. Forms for this program are available in the main office or from Joan Komendat in the cafeteria. Once completed, the forms can be returned to the main office where they will be forwarded to the Food Service department. It takes approximately two weeks to process the forms and then you will be contacted by Food Service through the mail.

    Q. What special classes are available at Leary?
    A. Art, music and physical education are available for all Leary students in grades K-3.