Leary Pride

  • Show Your Leary Pride!


    The Rush-Henrietta Central School District agreed upon district-wide expectations that schools would use as a tool for teaching expected behaviors. These expectations are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready to Learn, Be Caring, and Be Trustworthy.

    The students at Leary Elementary School have been learning about school-wide behavioral expectations.  These expectations have been agreed upon by the staff as an effective way to be proactive in managing behaviors.  We use the slogan “Show Your Leary Pride” with students to promote these expectations.  Leary staff reinforces and teach lessons based on these expectations.  The following information shows the expectations along with what the particular behaviors should look like at Leary.

    Be RespectfulTo show someone or something special attention or honor

    Be Responsible     To be accountable for my actions and attitudes

    Be Ready to Learn  To make learning important

    Be Caring               To show concern for others and their needs

    Be Trustworthy      To be truthful in what I say and what I do

    This approach to managing behaviors is a positive one.  Students are acknowledged for exhibiting the behaviors that we expect by receiving reinforcement in many forms.  The most common form is verbal praise, in which a staff member recognizes that a student or group of students exhibits positive behaviors, and commends the student(s) verbally.  Other reinforces include giving paw stickers, Leary Pride postcards, the “Golden Tray” for cafeteria behaviors, and paw charms for positive bus behaviors. 

    You will find pictures of the students who are recognized with Leary Pride postcards on this website.  The pictures will be updated monthly.  The names of the students recognized will also be listed.  


    You will find the Leary Pride Matrix that describes the specific behaviors we expect at Leary.  A copy of a Leary Pride Matrix with a column for home is here as well, if you chose to connect these expectations in school to ones you have for home.  There are also copies of the specific posters and presentations used to teach and reinforce the behaviors for each setting in school.

    Please take this opportunity to talk to your child about the expectations at school and the importance of continuing to demonstrate Leary Pride behaviors.  With your continued support and involvement, Leary Elementary will remain a school where students excel.



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