Leary Principal's Message from Jenn Tomalty

Jenn Tomalty
  • Dear Leary Family,

    We are sure some of you are beginning to think about next year and where your child might be placed, as well as how that will occur. The process of developing class lists is a considerable investment of time and energy that we take very seriously because we know that well-formed groups set the stage for success all year long. This school year, we will be placing students in new classrooms at Leary for kindergarten through grade 3, and assisting with placement recommendations for students entering grade 4 at Sherman and Vollmer.

    Should you have information you wish to present regarding the placement of your child, you are encouraged to do so in writing and forward it to the principal of the school your child will be attending no later than Friday, May 4. If you are unsure of which school your child will be attending for the 2018-19 school year, please call the Leary main office.  Parents may request a type of classroom or type of teacher for their child. We will be looking for your thoughts about your child’s learning style and the teaching style you think will match his or her abilities. Please do not name a specific teacher. Letters that name a specific teacher will not be considered during the placement process. The teachers and other professionals who work with your child meet in May and June to recommend the placement of children and these letters will be taken into consideration. Since we have added a transition, there will also be collaboration across the schools. Our goal is to achieve the most appropriate and beneficial placement for your child. Information you may choose to provide, combined with our school knowledge, will assist in this process.

    Many factors are taken into consideration during the placement process. These factors include gender, academic readiness across the content areas, behavior, social/emotional needs, peer relationships, special services (such as ESL, Special Education, and/or Academic Intervention Services) medical/physical needs, and learning styles. I meet with classroom teachers as a grade level and discuss each and every student with these factors in mind. We consult with staff members who have knowledge of particular students and they create recommended lists. The final decisions regarding class lists rest with me.

    Balance and equity in our classrooms are equally critical. In some cases, a grade level may have the potential to add or lose a section or class rosters may need to be changed before classes are set in August. This enrollment fluctuation is due to students moving in, out of, or around the district. Final placements are not mailed home until mid-August. This prevents us from informing you of a teacher only to make a necessary change later.  

    Please rest assured that the unique needs of each individual child are considered as the class lists take shape. If you feel that you have information about your child that is pertinent to the process, make sure to send that in writing to me by Friday, May 4.

    Thank you for your continued support and understanding. We are looking forward to a successful end of the school year as we make plans for the next. We appreciate your help!


    Jennifer Tomalty, Principal