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    Welcome to Reading!

    Hello, welcome to my webpage! My name is Jessica Moore, and this is my tenth year teaching reading at Roth.  My goals for reading class this year are to help my students become stronger, more confident readers. We will be working on a variety of strategies to improve comprehension, accuracy, fluency and vocabulary. My hope is that with practice and repetition, students will be able to use these strategies independently both in reading class and other content areas.  I want my reading class to feel like a safe environment where students are comfortable sharing and participating in class. If there is anything I can be doing outside of class to continue to reach these goals, please feel free to contact me.

    Here’s a little background about me…I graduated from St. John Fisher College in 2011 with undergraduate degrees in childhood education and special education. I received my Master’s degree in Literacy from SUNY Geneseo in  2012 .   


    Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my daughters and husband, exercising and crafting. Another passion of mine is collecting children’s books. I have developed quite a collection over the years, which I love sharing with my students.


    Please contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. I believe that a strong parent-teacher relationship can make a positive difference in a student’s education.


    Phone: 585-359-5100 ex. 1481


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