American Sign Language Level II

  • WELCOME BACK STUDENTS!!!  If you are one of my level 2 parents (or students), you've come to the right place! This site is always a work in progress so stay tuned as it continues to take shape throughout the year. 

    Students: Videos are being added for your DAILY practice! Yes, 15-20 minutes a day will go a long way in helping you feel confident using the vocab when dialoguing, signing in group discussions, and storytelling. =) Click on your grade level "Pratice Vocab Videos & Class Materials" section to find.   

    To my parent "teammates":

    It is my strong belief that success in the foreign language classroom, be it ASL, Spanish, German, or French, is directly correlated with your child's use and repetition of the language both in and outside the classroom. You can be confident that I will create a "No Voice" classroom that will challenge and motivate students to take risk and explore the skills they have yet to discover, and have fun while doing it. What I will not be able to do is to create that same environment while they are at home. That's where you come in. Most of you do not use sign at home, nor have even basic knowledge of signs for that matter. Thankfully, you can still be a part of your child's success. You can encourage them to watch the practice vocabulary and conversational videos available on this website. Have them sign to you about their day at the dinner table and then share it with you in English. Take them to a signed performance at NTID/RIT! 

    Please use the SchoolTool link below to access your child's grades. Be aware of the date attached to assessments in particular. Throughout the year, I will be using SchoolTool to post upcoming assessments before they are actually given, as a way to communicate with you about the extra preparation your child may need to do to be successful. Don't be shocked if you see such an assessment grade marked as empty. 

    I look forward to our partnership in empowering your children to take even more ownership of their learning, taking PRIDE in achieving success beyond what they thought was possible!   


    Tom Ohl
    American Sign Language Teacher - Level 2 
    Roth/Burger Jr. Highs