• Welcome to Roth Junior High School! Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that are designed to help you learn more about our school. Please feel free to call the main office at 359-5100 for additional information. We’re happy to help!

    Student Agendas
    All students will receive an agenda planner on the first day of school. These agendas may be used as an organizational tool to track homework, projects and upcoming assessments.  The agenda may also serve as an important tool for regular communication between teachers and parents. Parents will review the agenda with their student when it is brought home. Students will also have access to Google Calendar as an organizational tool.

    Students should carry a school bag during the day.  The purpose of the bag is to keep belongings organized and to protect Chromebooks from damage. Please try to purchase a bag with a padded section for the Chromebook. In an effort to reduce heavy backpacks, please pack accordingly and sparingly. 

    Appropriate Dress
    At Roth Junior High School, we want all students to present themselves with a positive image every day. Our expectations regarding appropriate dress, together with strong parent support, foster a learning environment that supports academic achievement. Please review page 7 of the Code of Conduct for a comprehensive definition of dress code expectations. You may access the document by going to www.rhnet.org/codeofconduct and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

    Some examples of unacceptable clothing are: halter tops, tube tops, sagging pants that fall below the hipline, spaghetti straps, see-through garments, plunging necklines, clothing that is too tight or contains vulgar, obscene, or offensive material, and short skirts or shorts. The acceptable length for shorts, skirts, or dresses is as follows: with your arms relaxed at your sides, your clothing should be no shorter than your finger-tips. Students must wear shoes at all times and underwear must not be exposed. Hats and other headgear are not to be worn during the school day unless worn for religious or medical purposes. Students wearing something unacceptable will be required to remove, cover or replace the article(s) of clothing. Repeated offenses will be considered insubordination and subject to the Code of Conduct.

    Items not permitted and/or not allowed to use in School
    Among the items that students should never have in possession (on their person or in a locker) are: weapons, drugs, alcohol, medication, laser pointers, squirt guns, pocket knives, and chains. The identification of any of the above items may subject the student to the terms and conditions of the code of conduct. In addition, the item will be confiscated and can only be reclaimed by a parent or guardian. Parents should review the RH Code of Conduct carefully with their children to be well aware of the entire list of non-permitted items within the code of conduct.

    Cell Phones / Phone Calls and Electronic Devices
    The school has provided every student with a Chromebook to enhance their learning. We recognize that many families have provided their students with personal cell phones and allow them to carry them to school each day. We will allow students to have phones with them, but we ask that they have phones off and away during instructional periods. We need to work together with the same message regarding technology use at school. Please refrain from contacting your student during the school day unless it is an emergency.

    If a student needs to make a phone call, they can do so in the main office with their personal device. If a student does not have a cell phone and needs to make a call, a secretary in the main office will make the call for the student and relay the message. We will continue to focus on appropriate use of technology devices, being responsible, and attending to classroom instruction instead of being distracted by technology. Technology should enhance our learning, not distract from it. 

    Home/School Communication
    Information from the principal’s office is sent out in a weekly E-News. The superintendent also sends regular E-News communication. The email address on file in SchoolTool is used to send these messages, so please contact the main office if you need to update your address.

    This portal allows parents and students to view academic progress throughout the marking period for each course. Parents/guardians who have never used SchoolTool will receive information with a log-in ID in early August. Students will receive their log-in information during the first week of school. Parents/guardians who have used SchoolTool in the past and have forgotten their log-in information may obtain it by contacting Mrs. DeJac in the Roth Counseling Office, 359-5124.