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    Mrs. Biata's  Webpage.

     Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, I will be teaching Regents Biology at Roth.  

    PLEASE use this website to assist you!  The sub pages are organized by unit and contain relevant note sheets, a completed copy of all notes, lab activities, web activities, study guides and answer keys.  Each subpage also has links (scroll to the bottom of the page) that permit interactive vocabulary review (studystack), other interactive learning activities and links to online sites/url's we will be using this year.


     If you are interested in knowing future assignments as well as how your child has done on past assignments, you can access this through SchoolTool.  Please note that  a homework assignment that is not completed will receive a 0 in the grade book.



    If you need to contact me directly, please feel free to email at or call me at 359-5183 *1369.  

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