Here are supplies you will need for class
    1 - BINDER... 1 inch will be fine
    2 - at LEAST 3 dividers for your binder
    3 - Lastly... bring enthusiasm because we will have a lot of fun and learn a ton of Biology as we prepare for our REGENTS EXAM IN June 2018!!!
    Hello, my name is Mr. Beaney. I am one of two Biology (Living Environment) teachers here at Roth. I have designed this site to help my students and their parents stay informed about the happenings in my Biology classes. I have taught Biology and Earth Science at RH for many years. Some of my greatest joys and challenges are to illustrate to my students that the science we learn in class happens outside of the school building.
    I love to travel and spend time out of doors and when I see real-life examples of material covered in class I readily share them with my classes. I will do so through shared stories, pictures, and videos.
    Please feel free to contact me at JBeaney@rhnet.org  


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